Theodore Teddy Bear Schiele

In the intricate tapestry of leadership, simplicity often holds the key to success. For me, the guiding principle has always been to maintain a steadfast focus on positivity. It’s a belief deeply rooted in the fundamental understanding that the world operates on the energies of positive and negative, and balance is but energy at rest.

In my roles as a leader, teacher, coach, and consultant, I’ve strived to keep this principle at the forefront of my actions and decisions. Whether you find resonance in the realms of magic, religion, or science, the underlying framework remains the same – the universe thrives on two primary frequencies and adheres to the laws of nature. Every action is birthed from either a positive or negative intent, and every reaction is forged in the same crucible of intent. There exists no twilight zone, no gray area, only the stark contrast between positive and negative energy, each irrevocably bound to its intent.

As a steadfast believer in the power of positive focus, I’ve come to recognize a simple truth – to expect a positive outcome, one must commit to a positive journey. The energy we serve, regardless of the nomenclature we assign to it, hinges entirely on our intent.

Leadership, by its very essence, demands an unwavering commitment to maintaining a positive focus, provided that’s the genuine intent. It’s an imperative that requires us to be honest with ourselves and our subordinates. Many falter in their leadership journey by neglecting this basic but profound concept.

This isn’t about elevating one worldview over another. Instead, it’s a call to peel away the layers of titles and nomenclature to focus on the core essence. It’s an understanding that the task at hand, the mission we embark upon, should invariably align with any other positively driven endeavor, regardless of the worldview from which it springs.

In the grand symphony of leadership, positivity is the conductor’s baton that guides the ensemble to harmony and success. With it, we can orchestrate not only our own success but also the success of those who follow our lead, leaving an indelible mark on the world of leadership and beyond