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Embark on a transformative odyssey with me, an Author, Altruistic Advocate, and Advisor, dedicated to guiding you through the realms of personal and professional development. My life, leadership, and business consulting services are intricately crafted to not only elevate your skills and mindset but also to catapult you towards unparalleled success. Together, we’ll navigate the pathways of growth, unlocking your potential and sculpting a future rich with achievement and fulfillment.

Theodore Teddy Bear Schiele

Author, Altruistic Advocate and Advisor

Consulting is more than giving adviceβ€”I teach the complete blueprint. Most courses focus on specific skills like sales or marketing, creating leaders who don’t understand the whole picture. To truly succeed in business, you need to learn the “complete blueprint”β€”five interconnected layers of consciousness built on top of each other:
  1. Self-Awareness: Identity, purpose, discipline, beliefs
  2. Cognitive Mastery: Focus, plans, prioritization, problem-solving
  3. Business Foundations: Frameworks, concepts, mental models
  4. Business Tactics: Strategy, product development, marketing, sales
  5. Operational Systems: Tools, systems, workflows, metrics
By mastering these layers, you gain a comprehensive understanding essential for personal and professional success.

The Circle of Growth is a holistic methodology that guides individuals and organizations through the intertwined journey of personal and professional development. This methodology is anchored in three critical phases: Introduction, Foundation, and Conclusion, each underpinned by the core principles of Vision, Values, and Mission. These elements serve as the compass points, guiding the journey of growth and ensuring that every step taken is aligned with the overarching purpose and ethical standards.

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