Theodore Teddy Bear Schiele


What I Do

Personal Growth Advisory

As a Personal Growth Advisor, I leverage The Growth Circle to help you unlock your full potential. Through personalized assessments and emotional intelligence enhancement, you’ll gain profound self-awareness and practical tools for life transitions and overall personal development. Join us in The Growth Circle for a transformative journey towards self-discovery and growth.

Professional Growth Advisory

In my role as a Professional Growth Advisor, I utilize The Growth Circle to guide you towards achieving career excellence. We focus on developing key leadership skills, strategic career planning, and optimizing your professional performance. The Growth Circle provides a platform for networking, skill-building, and accessing valuable resources to elevate your professional journey.

Business Growth Advisory

As a Business Growth Advisor, I harness the power of The Growth Circle to propel your business forward. We collaborate to develop innovative marketing strategies, refine your business model for peak efficiency, and offer entrepreneurial mentorship for sustainable success. The Growth Circle serves as a catalyst, providing resources and a network to amplify your business’s growth and impact.

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