Theodore Teddy Bear Schiele


“Legacy of Leadership: Embodying My Father’s Values”

Theodore Roosevelt Schiele, known affectionately as Roosevelt, lived a life that spanned from 1931 to 2015, leaving behind a legacy of inspiration and timeless values. As his son, I find myself deeply motivated by the desire to carry on the legacy of my father and our family name. In him, I found not just a father but a guiding light, a source of relentless inspiration that shapes my actions and ambitions to this day.

Roosevelt’s life was marked by resilience, integrity, and a profound sense of responsibility. These attributes were not just apparent in his actions but were deeply ingrained in the ethos of our family. Growing up under his influence, I learned the significance of hard work, the value of perseverance, and the importance of leaving a mark that transcends one’s own life.

In many ways, my father’s journey and the values he upheld have become the foundation upon which I build my life. His story is a reminder that we are remembered for two things: our deeds and our legacy. In carrying his name, I carry the responsibility of living up to the standards he set, not just in terms of personal achievements but in contributing positively to the world around me.

My motivation stems not from external accolades or societal benchmarks of success. Instead, it is deeply personal – it is about honoring my father, Theodore Roosevelt Schiele. It’s about ensuring that his principles, his character, and his spirit continue to live on through my actions. Every step I take in my professional and personal life is a step towards nurturing and preserving the legacy he left behind.

This sense of purpose has instilled in me a clarity of vision and a drive that goes beyond mere self-fulfillment. It’s a journey of embodying the values he stood for, of striving to impact the world in meaningful ways, and of living a life that would make him proud. In essence, I am his legacy, and every day, I strive to be a living testament to the principles he embodied.

The life and values of Theodore Roosevelt Schiele have been a guiding force in my life. His legacy is not just carried in the memories we hold dear but is also reflected in the way I live my life. By carrying on his name and values, I continue to honor his memory, ensuring that his influence and teachings resonate through time. My father’s legacy is not just a part of my past; it is the beacon that lights my future, guiding me in my endeavors and reminding me of the profound impact one life can have on many.

Throughout my life, I’ve navigated the delicate balance of being patient with those around me, not out of animosity, but from a place of understanding and respect. This patience stems from a unique perspective where I see people but choose not to be influenced or challenged by them. My competitive spirit has never been about outdoing others, but about surpassing my own expectations.

In the past, my motivation was fueled by aggression, a reaction to those who doubted my capabilities. It was a drive born out of a desire to prove others wrong, a common impetus for many. However, over time, my source of inspiration transformed profoundly – it became my father.

My father’s life was a testament to hard work and unyielding perseverance. He had a personal mission, a goal he strived towards relentlessly. While I choose not to divulge the specifics of his mission, as it was his own, the essence of his journey had a profound impact on me. Watching him work tirelessly, yet running out of time before he could fulfill his aspirations, instilled in me a deep sense of urgency and purpose.

This realization brought about a shift in my motivation. No longer was I driven by external validation or the need to prove my detractors wrong. Instead, I became motivated by the understanding that time is finite and unpredictable. It’s a realization that our missions, our personal goals, might remain unfulfilled not due to a lack of effort, but simply because time can be unyielding.

Working hard, even in the face of exhaustion, has become a tribute to my father’s legacy. He showed me the virtue of never giving up, of pushing forward regardless of the obstacles. His journey, although it didn’t lead him to his personal goal, serves as a beacon of inspiration for me. It’s a reminder that giving your all is not just about achieving your objectives but about the journey itself.

Theodore Roosevelt Schiele, my father, is not just a cherished memory; he is the driving force behind my core values. His life and teachings have instilled in me principles that I carry into every facet of my leadership and decision-making.

Self-awareness: Inspired by my father’s approach, I advocate for deep introspection within the organization. This practice of self-awareness aligns personal goals with organizational objectives, fostering greater team coherence and understanding. It’s about seeing beyond the surface, delving into the depths of our motivations, strengths, and areas for growth.

Courage: My father’s bravery in facing life’s challenges has shaped my leadership to encourage risk-taking and innovation. I foster a culture where ideas are freely exchanged and challenges to the status quo are welcomed. This environment of courage nurtures resilience and a willingness to venture into uncharted territories.

Humility: In leadership, I emphasize humility, a value deeply ingrained by my father. This involves valuing feedback, acknowledging mistakes, and being committed to continual improvement. Humility in leadership paves the way for authentic growth and learning.

Integrity: Upholding integrity and ethical conduct, I strive to build a foundation of trust within the team and in our external relationships. This commitment to honesty and transparency reflects the lessons learned from my father, ensuring that our actions are always aligned with our principles.

Empathy: Building an empathetic culture is paramount in my approach, promoting active listening and inclusivity. This focus enhances collaboration and understanding within the team, echoing my father’s belief in the power of empathy to bridge differences and foster strong connections.

Learning: Continuous learning and development are central to my leadership style. Influenced by my father’s lifelong pursuit of knowledge, I foster a growth mindset, encouraging the team to seek new knowledge and experiences, thus empowering them to evolve both professionally and personally.

Execution: My focus on efficient execution is guided by clear visions and measurable objectives, driving progress and celebrating achievements. This mirrors my father’s approach to life – purposeful, driven, and result-oriented, always with an eye on the ultimate goal.

In closing, Theodore Roosevelt Schiele’s legacy lives on through these core values. He was more than a father; he was a mentor, a guide, and an inspiration. His influence is evident in the way I lead, make decisions, and interact with the world. His life was a testament to these values, and in continuing to uphold them, I honor his memory and ensure that his purpose continues to resonate through my actions and impacts.

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