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Worksheets – Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership – Worksheet

Once you’ve selected a thought leadership niche, it’s important to consider what credentials, commitment, and expertise you have that support your credibility in that area.

Your thought leadership intersection point is where your credentials, commitment and expertise meet.


What degrees or certifications do you hold?


What brands or companies have you worked for within your niche?


What industries have you worked in and what roles have you held?



How have you dedicated yourself to this niche?


What topics are you drawn to within your niche?


What problems or challenges do you want to address in your industry?


Are there any particular groups of people that you stand with or for?



What skills or special talents have you developed?


Is there an area of expertise or topic for which you’ve become known?


In what areas do others seek your counsel or advice?


How have you achieved your experiences within the industry?