Theodore Teddy Bear Schiele


Unlocking Mutual Benefit: The Key to Effective Business Relationships

Your Business vs. None of Your Business: Imagine a scenario where you find yourself entangled in matters that do not directly concern your goals, aspirations, or responsibilities. This is the realm of “None of Your Business.” It encompasses distractions, unnecessary conflicts, and engagements that divert your focus from what truly matters. Conversely, “Your Business” comprises […]

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: A Journey Towards a Fair Society

In our pursuit of a fair and inclusive society, the biggest challenge lies not only in creating diverse workplaces but in redefining how we measure an individual’s worth to society as a whole. As a fervent admirer of critical thinker John Locke, who championed the separation of church and state, I believe we are at […]

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