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Action Guide

Coaching Skills

  • Acknowledge: Acknowledge what your client is saying and respond positively to the things that are true, demonstrating your empathy towards their experiences.
  • Paraphrase: Reiterate what you hear your client say.Β  This takes a bit of interpretation and a bunch of intuition.
  • Ask the β€œduh” questions: Engage your client in having a detailed discussion about the obvious elements of their situation.Β  A clearer understanding benefits both parties.
  • Look at the big picture: It is necessary to step back from the situation in order to see the larger picture.Β  Everything happens within a particular context.
  • Identify the ideal: By talking about the ultimate goals, we outline what success looks likeβ€”what the situation entails, the emotions that stem from the success, and the ultimate outcomes.
  • Clarify: It is important to keep the conversation going and always spell out what you hear the client saying.Β  You need to be on the same page the whole time.
  • Define the process and your role: Keep in mind that this process is for the client; make sure you clarify your role as a coach and help keep the session focused.
  • Explore strategies: Suggest multiple ways of handling a situation.Β  Make sure you engage the client in the discussion and be open to thinking outside of the box.Β  Unconventional is often innovative.
  • Listen and Reflect: Never stop reiterating what you hear your client say.Β  Engaged listening is all about being attuned to what your client not only says, but what they feel.Β  You are a translator. Also, take the time to refocus the discussion.