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Commons Problems and Solutions

People have problems.  It’s just a part of life.  Luckily, we can identify the causes of many common problems the average person will encounter.  Below are common problems and potential coaching solutions that can help resolve these issues.

Problem 1: Searching for happiness in all the wrong places.

These people seek fulfillment from places and things outside of themselves, clinging to the idea that more=better and better=happy.  This constant struggle to do more, be more, have more leads to an endless cycle of exhaustion and unfulfilled desires.

                    Coaching Solutions:

  1. Quality of Life Program (life design process)
  2. Personal Foundation (needs satisfaction)
  3. Attraction Approach (center-of-the-universe; magnet)

Problem 2: Lacking true needs.

These people have lost control of their lives, either by cluttering their lives or by tolerating things that should not be tolerated.  Our emotional and structural development needs to be maintained in a healthy manner for us to live a fulfilling life.

                    Coaching Solutions:

  1. Super Reserve Program (the idea of having more than enough)
  2. Toleration-Free Program (the idea of eliminating all tolerations)
  3. Needs Satisfaction Program (part of personal foundation)
  4. Spiritual Development Program (strengthening one’s intangibles)

Problem 3: Lack of focus on self.

While American culture glorifies the individual, we must not isolate ourselves from those around us.  We are all connected, forming a network of interconnected individuals.

                    Coaching Solutions:

  1. Creativity Program (the client becomes the source…)
  2. Personal Foundation (for the self-esteem needed)
  3. A Perfect Life (helps the client become selfish; raise standards)
  4. Attraction Program (adding value; thus attracting better)

Problem 4: Archaic assumptions.

By focusing on outdated ideas, memes, and assumptions, we limit ourselves.  In this technologically-driven age, new ideas are in a constant flux. 

                    Coaching Solutions:

  1. Success Principles (100 laws that contribute to success)
  2. Paradigm Shift (the 15 orientation changes that a person makes)
  3. Hosting a Network (let your network refresh your thinking)

Problem 5: Dull Atmospheres.

If we exist in a stimulant-free environment, we will stunt our potential growth.  We must surround ourselves with intellectual, creative, imaginative, and emotional stimulation so we can foster an atmosphere in which we are most likely to succeed.

                    Coaching Solution:

  1. Personal Evolution Program