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Business Checklist

Effective Sales Tools Checklist

Check the statements that apply to you.

___ I do not waste time training people who are not trainable in sales.

___ I manage the company’s daily sales quota. 

___ I always keep sales brochures available for potential customers.

___ I keep a written copy on me, just in case.

___ I know how to close a sale so that the customer benefits  and I make money. 

___ The company supports my sales effort wholeheartedly from concept to close. 

___ I have a multifaceted system of referrals and word-of-mouth. 

___ I am fully aware of what customers need and want, and adapt to them. 

___ I keep sales and marketing costs low, even if it means lost sales from time to time.

___ I make my appearance, my company, and my product as attractive as possible.

___ I create focus groups and record responses and reactions for my evolving plan of action.

___ I involve every staff member in various aspects of strategy development, allowing each the opportunity to contribute.