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Action Guide

WECK Model

Want: Expect much from othersEdge: Keep the β€œedge” in your workCompassion: Empathize with your clientsKnowledge: Never stop learning
-Be aware of your own expectations-Demand the best from your clients and yourself-Do not criticize or judge-Be aware of differences
-Hone into different learning styles-Help the client acknowledge the potential of your relationship-Use feelings to create emphasis, even if you might not understand-Always work at expanding your vocabulary
-Maintain communication-Expect much, accept little-Be the bigger person-Be aware of successes and failures
-Know when to let go-Maintain a healthy and progressive pace-Place yourself in your client’s position-Hone into your own story
-Be discerning with your clients-Initiate!-Make the client’s position the position-Really learn how to resolve conflicts