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Action Guide

Lead Your Client to Success

Stand up for your clientBe a teacher and mentor to your clientHelp make the client’s goals a reality
Acknowledge your client’s uniqueness-Be aware of what makes your client unique-Help your client set their own goals
-Acknowledge the person behind the action-Verbalize your interpretations of your client’s progress-Always act responsibly
-Praise your client-Illuminate choices and paths-Instill the desire for progress
-Help your client achieve their goals-Make sure to never lead your client astray-Help minimize obstacles and unnecessary challenges
-Focus on the positives-Demonstrate how success can be achievedΒ­-Always have a plan
-Expect top-notch quality-Provide your client with the appropriate vocabulary for success-Keep tabs on your client’s progress
-Remind your client of the end goal-Develop positive habits  in your client-Be compassionate, attentive, and progressive