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Action Guide

Marketing Your Practice

Below, there are several examples to help market your coaching practice. Many of these examples will help you master your marketing skills while others will simply grow your network, with the potential for additional revenue-enhancing techniques.

Personal Marketing

Create an advanced and broad network.

  • Do your homework – find a network that meets your needs.
  • Meet other top coaches and form an alliance.
  • Help others as often as possible.
  • Become someone that others want to know.

Public Relations

Become locally or nationally known.

  • Create a press kit.
  • Offer a free session to high-profile clients.
  • Get in the news or on TV – offer to comment on relevant issues.
  • Send out countless press releases.
  • Become a known expert in your field.
  • Appear on a talk or radio show.
  • Hire a PR firm.
  • Write a column on a blog or in a newspaper.

Electronic Marketing

The Internet is the most advanced form of spreading news about your business.

  • Create or develop a professional web site.
  • Get link-backs from other sites to your site.
  • Create daily, useful content on your website.
  • Add meta tags for search engine spiders.
  • Create a scheduled newsletter to share information.

Creating Credibility

Become respected in your field.

  • Create a niche in the business by finding a specialty.
  • Find an β€œedge” and become certified as a coach.
  • Speak with other coaches and offer to teach for them.
  • Write a book or ebook and compose articles, blogs, etc.

Becoming an Expert

As a professional, take the time to become an expert at your craft.

  • Develop better listening and diagnostic skills.
  • Speak in simple terms with potential clients.
  • Understand and master your coaching skills.
  • Read books and magazines to enhance your skills.
  • Consider attending a coaching conference.

Sell Yourself

Learn how to sell your product or service and yourself.

  • Create an elevator pitch – a one-sentence introduction.
  • Know what you’re selling and why you’re selling it.
  • Take time to serve every potential buyer.
  • In sales, be absolutely fearless.
  • Ask open-ended questions rather than yes or no.

Earning Referrals

By always delivering more than a promise, referrals can be endless.

  • Know your strengths and understand your weaknesses.
  • Identify your target audience and clients.
  • Learn to pass on clients that do not align with your skills.
  • Consider offering free introductory meetings.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for referralsβ€”casual or otherwise.

Delivering Products/Services

Know what you are selling and give everyone something to buy.

  • Offer the chance for group coaching.
  • License all of your programs and work.
  • Offer or sell mp3 or audio tapes to potential clients.
  • Take the time to launch a virtual university.