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Action Guide

Get to Know Your Client

Aspect 1: What do they not know?

What are they unclear about regarding life, personal obstacles, and  ultimate goals?

Aspect 2: What are their needs?

Everyone has needs that can hinder their path to success if not addressed.  Acknowledging and accepting these needs is essential for success. Help the client identify their primary needs (belonging, fulfillment, mastery).

Aspect 3: What are their gifts?

What makes your client unique?  What do they have to offer the world?  If your client is not in tune with their talents, key aspects of success may be overlooked.

Aspect 4: What are their core values?

Values are the things the client holds dear and believes to be true (equality, integrity, etc.).  Values are not to be confused with morals (right and wrong), but rather should be understood as one’s Essenceβ€”what makes a person thrive and flourish. Establish the client’s value system.

Aspect 5: What do they want?

Sometimes, it is difficult for clients to pinpoint what they want out of life. They may acknowledge that they are unhappy or discontent, but have yet to establish why or what to do about it.  It is important to help clients distinguish wants from both values and needs.  Wants are not essential to life, but they can certainly enhance it.

Aspect 6: How are they doing in life?

There are six areas to be explored: Health, Relationships, Career, Money, Recreation, and Personal Development. Each client must take an honest look at where they stand in each of these six areas. This honesty allows the client and coach to formulate a plan for success.

Aspect 7: What do they want for others?

A true indicator of one’s success is his or her ability to be selfless.  Once a person’s needs are met and they have a positive outlook for the future, they can find ways to help others.  This is a clear sign of advanced personal development.