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Action Guide

How to Keep Your Clients

While there is always the chance that a client will leave, the following list will help you keep clients.  

  • Obtain a three-month, signed agreement
  • Under-promise and over-deliver
  • Keep personal sharing to a minimum, when appropriate
  • Know how to properly deliver your message
  • Make follow-up and reminder calls between scheduled events
  • Invite the client to community events, when appropriate
  • Ask for referrals, but do not push
  • Send out a newsletter each week or at set intervals
  • Accept no missed calls or tardies Β except emergencies
  • Never withhold information from a client
  • Let your client know exactly what you expect from them
  • Celebrate successes with something special
  • Expect payment on time by a specific date
  • Keep a full practice with a waiting list
  • Send birthday and holiday cards (on time)