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What Clients Really Need to Talk About

There are endless questions to ask potential clients. However, to truly narrow down what they want and what their hesitations are, here are the best things to ask:

  • What change would you make in your life if you could do absolutely anything, and most importantly, if you could do it correctly?

This allows you, as the coach, to focus on the client’s true goals, ones that are not constrained by practicality and life’s inevitable worries.

  • What would be our first project together if we entered a client-coach relationship?

This ties into the first question. If a client chooses a smaller project, why did they do that? Why not choose the biggest life change that they named before?

  • What is holding you back from starting?

A good coach will use this question to figure out why a client isn’t trying to reach that true goal.

  • What does success mean for you?

Does success mean money, a bigger house, a ton of kids, or the most sales at X Corporation? Zero in on what success means, and the coach and client will be on the same page.

  • What are currently your three biggest business challenges?

If a coach can help the client overcome three current challenges, then bigger challenges will be that much easier.